How To Get Rid Of Back Pain And Sciatica... Almost Immediately...
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Discover How To Eliminate Back Pain and Sciatica For Good... All Without Surgery or Painful Injections

Imagine your life without back pain or sciatica. What would it be like if you could begin enjoying your life again and do what you want, when you want - all without "paying for it" later? If you tried everything to eliminate your back pain or sciatica, then keep reading because this will be the most important website you visit today.

Hello, My name is Simon Walton. I'm a former British Airborne Ranger who's spent over 30 years in the world of fitness, but nothing prepared me for what happened while at the peak of my physical condition... I had my world ROCKED with crippling, disabling sciatica..

When I got my first bout of sciatica it scared the living $#!* out of me. I was in public and my legs gave out from under me as a sharp pain shot through my lower body like someone had just stabbed me with a hot knife and dragged it down my leg.

Ever since that day I lived in constant dread of when the pain would return. I never imagined sciatica could be so debilitating. But it was also a blessing in disguise...

Having sciatica lead me on a journey to find a solution and accumulate knowledge from some of the best teachers in the world, I have had the honour, the spare time and privilege of learning from and devised a system consisting of series of poses and a mindset to realign my body.

I'm now 52 years old and I'm in the best shape of my life...

I want to share with you how I cured my sciatica, bad hips, back and knee problems without taking a single pill or going through surgery.

Watch this short video and imagine your body being this flexible and pain-free in less than 2 months...

Inspired by the desperation of a crippling bout of sciatica, I drew from my accumulated knowledge of 30 years learning from some of the greatest teachers in the world of physical education and devised this proven method using time honoured techniques....


Freedom Through Flexbility shows how to beat sciatica, back, hip and body pain using simple and easy techniques anyone can do.


“My name is Kai Khuygareond I own a resort in Koh Samui, I met Simon when he was staying at my resort- I saw him exercising most evenings near his bungalow and asked him what he was doing.

I have had very bad shoulders from a football injury I had in Washington DC when I was there at college, then from years in the gym a stiff back that I just kind of accepted as wear and tear.

After hearing Simon's story I "tried" his poses and techniques and you can see from the photos THEY WORK! This was only 15 minutes or so each session. I now do these three times a week and it freed up my back and now after a few months, my shoulder pain has "vanished" WEIRD but true!

A side note, as I can now fully move my shoulders my golf swing is looking more and more like Rory's everyday!”

Kai Khuygareond - Resort Owner

Take Our Simple, Yet Highly Effective 3 Step Path To A Flexible Future

Read The Book

Understand the lessons and how you can change your body for the better. There is over 76 pages of information jam packed into the ebook. Information like the truth about backpain (page 24) is very important and you'll want to get a complete understanding of everything before you begin.

Do The Work

The course and exercises don't require a lot of time at all to receive the full benefits. All you have to do is commit either 15 mins- 4 times a week or just 30 mins- 2 times a week. That's it! And there is no special equipment you need or gym memberships. All of this can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Trust The Breath!

Beyond the exercises you will also learn the simple yet highly effective technique to by-pass your limiting mind and release your tension. These techniques are great if you lack the motivation or energy just to get started. Any limiting barriers you have right now I will show you how to knock down so you can move forward and enjoy everything I have to offer so you can move on and enjoy your life pain free.